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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Circumambulate \Cir`cum*am"bu*late\, v. t. [L. circumambulatus, p. p. of circumambulare to walk around; circum + ambulare. See Ambulate.] To walk round about. -- Cir`cum*am`bu*la"tion, n.


n. The act of walking around something in a circle, especially for a ritual purpose.


Circumambulation (from Latin circum around + ''ambulātus ''to walk) is the act of moving around a sacred object or idol.

Circumambulation of temples or deity images is an integral part of Hindu and Buddhist devotional practice (known in Sanskrit as pradakśina or pradakshinaṇā). It is also present in other religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Circumambulation (album)

Circumambulation is the third studio album from American stoner rock band True Widow. It was released in July 2013 under Relapse Records.

Usage examples of "circumambulation".

The only thing the circumambulation had really accomplished was to remove any lingering doubts that the fire made a complete and regular circle, almost perfect in its shape.

She helped me wrestle Thandbar to the floor before I began a twisting, pushing, turning circumambulation of the device, moving everything movable upon it.

Stupas were worshipped by the rite of circumambulation, which always had to be in a clockwise direction, and offerings were made to it.

Let him at each of these 24 banishings make three circumambulations widdershins, with the signs of Horus and Harpocrates in the East as he passes it.

And so is fortunate that the neighbouring Cornmarket can offer to the visitor its string of snack bars, coffee bars, and burger bars in which to rest his feet and browse through his recently purchased literature about those other colleges and ecclesiastical edifices, their dates and their benefactors, which thus far have fallen outside his rather arbitrary circumambulations.

Otherwise they were kept on the household altar or they could be set up as independent shrines on a rock or raised piece of ground, where they were worshipped with prostrations and the ancient and orthodox rite of clockwise circumambulation.