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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Inside will be a maze of circuitry, some transistors and a chip or two.
▪ One has low power requirements, thereby dissipating little heat, the other has high-density circuitry.
▪ The circuitry was composed of electric eels, and there were colorful fish and liquid poisons and numerous examples of evil.
▪ The basal ganglia are also the main circuitry through which flow the nerve signals controlling movement.
▪ The cabin filled with dust, smoke, and the smell of burning circuitry.
▪ The patterns formed by the processes of etching and/or evaporation of the conductor make the electrical circuitry of the integrated circuit.
▪ They co-opt the selective attention circuitry.
▪ This is done by deliberately putting delays into the circuitry.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1946, from circuit (n.)+ -ry.


n. 1 electrical circuits considered as a group 2 a specific system of such circuits in a particular device; the design of such a system


n. electronic equipment consisting of a system of circuits

Usage examples of "circuitry".

Stuart Kauffman, chief scientific officer and co-founder of Cistem Molecular and leading entrepreneur in the developing field of bioinformatics, discusses how computers may be used to determine the circuitry and logic of genes and cells.

Examples include primary ship control circuits, slow speed reactor main coolant pumps, reactor protection circuitry, and the wardroom coffee maker.

Its results were checked by the fastidious error-correction circuitry von Neumann had prescribed in his design, and Bigelow was the perfect person to implement those archetypal feedback mechanisms.

Boba Fett applying the sizzling point of a miniature torch to exposed circuitry.

So, of course, someone developed a charged-particle beam to mess up missile circuitry, and naturally everyone turned to fluidics, because shielded circuitry was a little beyond them.

Bollux was just finishing loading the lifeboat with guidance components-shielded circuitry rather than those damned fluidics provided from his own repair shops by the Mor Glayyd.

And she achieves finally the neural transfer mechanism of the golden electrode caps, with their marvels of circuitry hidden beneath the gold rollbed where Loma spends her life.

Yull exuding the pheromones appropriate to a high official, and Omber playing the role of her nominee as Albumarak had taught her, they arrived at the laboratory unchallenged, along a high branchway either side of which the boughs were festooned with labeled experimental circuitry.

I stood up and returned the thermosuit to its bin and pulled down a plain black catsuit and mood-bead veil, small but pricy, because of the EEG circuitry.

Unknown to Titus, inside the modem a minute speck of fly wing dropped by the outgoing Tarantella lay across a vital part of the circuitry.

Titus, inside the modem a minute speck of fly wing dropped by the outgoing Tarantella lay across a vital part of the circuitry.

Injecting packets of crystal memory components and buckytube circuitry into subjects that had had sections of their brains removed.

I finally improvised a two-plate magnetron and fried the circuitry with radar through a wall.

You will make a fine Prognosticator when you have been reprogrammed and had your memory capacity and reasoning circuitry supplemented.

Buried within a mass of metal and ceramic and supercooling and recombinant circuitry, it could not go gallivanting about seeking the truth it sought.