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n. 1 (plural of circ English) 2 (context plurale tantum informal English) circumstances. vb. (en-third-person singular of: circ)

Usage examples of "circs".

Not much good, of course, in the circs, but the gesture seemed called for.

If I hadn't been afraid I might be overheard, I would have said 'Ahal ' Had circs been other than they were, I would have stepped into the room, tapped the ancestor on the shoulder and said 'Didn't I tell you Bingley had information?

This relative, though in ordinary circs so genial and matey, can on occasion turn in a flash into a carbon copy of a Duchess of the old school reducing an underling to a spot of grease, and what is so remarkable is that she doesn't have to use a lorgnette, just does it all with the power of the human eye.

Runkle, the mere sight of whom, circs being what they were, was enough to freeze the blood and make each particular hair stand on end like quills upon the fretful porpentine, as I have heard Jeeves put it.

Hailstone, "right out in Parliament-Street, it was, a strange little fellow, head shaved ev'ry-where, red damask robes with gold embellishments, what could in the right circs be call'd a fashionable Hat, a sort of squat Obelisk, and as cryptickally inscrib'd.

Officially she's Head of Drama particularly appropriate in the circs as she's always making scenes, but she's also got a finger up to the elbow in every other pie.

There were many circs connected with this man which made him a strong “suspect.