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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A simple gold circlet held the veil in place, beneath which guileless blue eyes shone with a gentle womanly strength.
▪ He had snapped the circlet of runes from Thorfinn's throat.
▪ Her hair was down, making a black foam about her shoulders and setting off her silver circlet.
▪ Katherine and Sarah were in petrol blue velvet dresses and wore circlets of spring flowers on their heads.
▪ The circlet is enriched by enamel plaques of Byzantine manufacture, alternating on the lower register with jewels en cabochon.
▪ The crown consists of two circlet crowns welded together and into which has been set a cloth-covered headpiece.
▪ The girls just pick the flowers and twist them into the circlets they put on their heads.
▪ The tentacles are arranged in a circlet about the mouth, and the coelenterates are typified by such radial symmetry.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Circlet \Cir"clet\, n.

  1. A little circle; esp., an ornament for the person, having the form of a circle; that which encircles, as a ring, a bracelet, or a headband.

    Her fair locks in circlet be enrolled.

  2. A round body; an orb.

    Fairest of stars . . . that crown'st the smiling morn With thy bright circlet.

  3. A circular piece of wood put under a dish at table. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., from Middle French cerclet, diminutive of cercle (see circle (n.)).


n. 1 A small circle. 2 A ring (typically of gold or silver) worn as an ornament on the head 3 A crown without arches or a covering. 4 A round body; an orb. 5 (context UK dialect English) A circular piece of wood put under a dish at table.

  1. n. a small circle

  2. decorated metal band worn around the head


A circlet is a piece of headgear that is similar to a diadem or a chaplet. The word circlet is also used to refer to the base of a crown or a coronet with or without a cap. Diadem and circlet are often used interchangeably, and crowns with no arches, or 'open crowns', have also been referred to as circlets. In Greek this is known as stephanos and in Latin as corona aperta. Stephanos is associated with laurel wreaths and the crown of thorns said to have been placed on the head of Jesus.

Usage examples of "circlet".

She adjusted her hat, an open velveteen circlet clogged with stiff net veiling, which had been spun askew by the collision with her husband.

A ceramic coin hung from his long supple neck by a doubled leather thong, and a circlet woven from coypu hair and studded with tiny black seed pearls was loose on his upper arm.

He turned and walked north as the dreamlet faded out, Imbri saw the brass circlet on his foreleg glint faintly in the moonlight.

The wide folded kerchief that held back her long golden hair was brocaded red silk, and a thumb-thick circlet of gold and firedrops nestled over it.

She wore a simple circlet of gold around her brow, which held back her hair, revealing the lobeless, upswept ears that were the hallmark of her race.

She was looking particularly charming in apricot organza and was wearing a small pearl necklace and a circlet of seed pearls threaded through her dark curls.

I stood pondering for some moments, still turning the oak-and-linden circlet in my hands.

The diadem in the center of the circlet of gold upon the brow of Lakor proclaimed him a Holy Thern, while his companion, not thus adorned, was a lesser thern, though from his harness I gleaned that he had reached the Ninth Cycle, which is but one below that of the Holy Therns.

The head, meantime, peering raffishly through circlets of yellow rope, rose slowly roofward, hauled from above.

Drowsy, Procyon saw the usherette lean over him: and snap a circlet on his upper arm to slow the blood flow.

Through all that year-scarred agony of height, Unblest of bough or bloom, to where expands His wandy circlet with his bladed bands Dividing every wind, or loud or light, To termless hymns of love and old despite, Yon tall palmetto in the twilight stands, Bare Dante of these purgatorial sands That glimmer marginal to the monstrous night.

Savage and his men, surrounded completely now, formed a tight ring, a circlet that bristled with the razorsharp steel thorns of their knives.

Peri floating easefully out of some far-off sphere of sky-wonders,--an aerial Maiden-Shape glided into the full lustre of the varying light,--a dancer, nude save for the pearly glistening veil that was carelessly cast about her dainty limbs, her white arms and delicate ankles being adorned with circlets of tiny, golden bells, which kept up a melodious jinglejangle as she moved.

He knew that he had been a rival of Brigham Young and that when the exodus of the Mormons to the deserts of the west came he had led his own followers into the North, and that each July, amid barbaric festivities, he was recrowned with a circlet of gold.

She had brushed and replaited her hair, and put her best gold circlet over her head-veil, and was conscious that she looked her best, although she did not consider herself anything of a beauty.