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n. a short sword with a heavy blade developed in Italy during the Renaissance; an anelace


The cinquedea is a civilian short sword (or long dagger). It was developed in northern Italy and enjoyed a period of popularity during the Italian renaissance of the 15th and early 16th centuries.

The name cinquedea means "five fingers", and it describes the width of the blade next to the guard. The blade was heavy, about 45 cm (18 in) in length, and tapered to a somewhat rounded point. The grip was simple with a small pommel, and the guard was curved with the concave side toward the point. There were typically several fullers along the wider sides of the blade to lighten the weapon. The wide blade was useful for decorative etching. This weapon was varied in size, being anywhere in size from 10" to 28". It was often carried in place of a knife or larger sword. It is depicted in period art as sometimes being carried horizontally next to the buttocks so that it could be drawn laterally from the back.

Usage examples of "cinquedea".

In the place of that priceless weapon, his baldric held a hybrid of his own designan old cinquedea two-foot dagger blade rehilted with the quillions, pommel, and pierced-steel hand-guard from a Spanish broadsword captured at the Battle of Bloody Rye.

He lingered there, apparently interested in a stunning cinquedea dagger.

Growling guttural German curses, his big, hairy hand grasping the hilt of a cinquedea daggerits two-foot blade so wide as to be reminiscent of a Roman short swordthe Reichsherzog started forward, but Arthur's arm barred his path.

He thrust the point of an Italian cinquedea at the Q, barely missing the other’s hip.

He thrust the point of an Italian cinquedea at the Q, barely missing the other's hip.