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n. five

Usage examples of "cinq".

Denuech l'êbousq, lou gach dessous les treilhos Ceiutad trahido per cinq lengos non nudos.

The garage at the side of the house contained a little prewar Simca Cinq, the French version of the Fiat the Italians called the Topolino.

He saw Mademoiselle Lemas's Simca Cinq parked to one side of the square, which meant that Stephanie was already here.

Her Simca Cinq stood in the courtyard, which was unusual only in that she normally parked it in the garage.

Flick and Ruby went into the courtyard and past the Simca Cinq and crept around to the back.

Opening the gate and entering the front garden, he noticed that Mademoiselle Lemas's Simca Cinq was gone.

She hurried down the stairs and out through the garden back to the Simca Cinq parked in the next street.

She wondered how long they could continue to use the Simca Cinq, as the tiny 500cc engine struggled to power the overloaded car.

Un banco de cinq cent mille,' and as the Greek at Number 1 tapped the table in front of his fat pile of hundred‑mille plaques, 'Le banco est fait.

Le Comte, speaking of the grand canal, "on a basti une infinité de points pour la communication des terres: ils sont de trois, de cinq, et de sept arches.

He checked out of the George Cinq quite a bit later under very odd circumstances.