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This article is about the Japanese video game developer. For the radio station in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, see CING-FM.

(styled CiNG) was an independent video game developer based out of Fukuoka, Japan. The company, a small development house employing only 29 people, was founded in April 1999, and was run by Takuya Miyagawa, who served as President and CEO. Miyagawa also acted as the producer on all of Cing's titles. The company filed for bankruptcy on March 1, 2010. Their website, formerly at, no longer exists.

Since releasing Glass Rose for the PlayStation 2 in 2003, Cing had enjoyed a close working relationship with Nintendo. Two projects were created in cooperation with the publisher for their Nintendo DS handheld system, both of which received sequels (one for the Nintendo DS and one for the Wii). Cing also released the critically acclaimed Little King's Story for the Wii.

CING (biomolecular NMR structure)

In biomolecular structure, CING stands for the Common Interface for NMR structure Generation and is known for structure and NMR data validation.

NMR spectroscopy provides diverse data on the solution structure of biomolecules. CING combines many external programs and internalized algorithms to direct an author of a new structure or a biochemist interested in an existing structure to regions of the molecule that might be problematic in relation to the experimental data.

The source code is maintained open to the public at Google Code. There is a secure web interface iCing available for new data.