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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, often a familiar or diminutive form of Cynthia, but as a name in its own right among the top 100 for girls born in the U.S. c.1953-1973.

Cindy (film)

Cindy is a 1978 American musical television film that features an entirely African-American cast. Directed by William A. Graham, the film is an urbanized retelling of Cinderella.

Cindy (folk song)

"Cindy" ("Cindy, Cindy") is a popular American folk song. According to John Lomax, the song originated in North Carolina. In the early and middle 20th century, "Cindy" was included in the songbooks used in many elementary school music programs as an example of folk music. One of the earliest versions of "Cindy" is found in Anne Virginia Culbertson's collection of Negro folktales (At the Big House, where Aunt Nancy and Aunt 'Phrony Held Forth on the Animal Folks, Bobbs-Merrill, 1904) where one of her characters, Tim, "sang a plantation song named 'Cindy Ann'," the first verse and refrain of which are:

I'se gwine down ter Richmond, I'll tell you w'a hit's for: I'se gwine down ter Richmond, Fer ter try an' end dis war. An'-a you good-by, Cindy, Cindy Good-by, Cindy Ann; An'-a you good-by, Cindy, Cindy I'se gwine ter Rappahan.

As with many folk songs, each singer was free to add verses, and many did. In addition, as Byron Arnold and Bob Halli noted in An Alabama Songbook, performers could swap verses with those of other songs, including " Old Joe Clark" and " Boil Them Cabbage Down".

The tune is taken from the spiritual The Gospel Train, also known as "Get on Board Little Children".


Cindy may refer to:

Cindy (given name)

Cindy, Cindi, Cyndy and Cyndi are diminutives of the feminine given name Cynthia.

Cindy (musical)

Cindy is a musical with music and lyrics by Johnny Brandon, and a book by Joe Sauter and Mike Sawyer. It ran Off-Broadway at the Gate, Orpheum, and Cricket Theatres (not simultaneously) in 1964 and 1965. It is an adaptation of the story of Cinderella. It was produced by Chandler Warren and Philip Temple, by arrangement with Stuart Wiener and Jerry Grace.

Usage examples of "cindy".

Leaving Poppy in bed, he plugged in his computer, accessed his e-mail, then ran a quick search of Cindy pseudonyms.

Lori, and comedians Cindy Olivarez and Brett Butler at a Houston bar called Blythe Spirits.

Officer Cindy Merk had just finished brewing coffee when Flaherty and Donaldson arrived.

Judy Bennett corresponded with Cindy at least once a month, and it had been Judy who insisted they call and surprise Buck Nelson when he was given Florida.

Cindy McCain is up there too as always, brittly composed and smiling at the air in front of her and thinking about God knows what.

Working with Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas, Assistant District Attorney Jill Bernhardt, and medical examiner Claire Washburn, Lindsay discovers that there is indeed a link.

Dubinski toppled backward Screaming, Cindy pushed past Noel and dashed toward the exit.

He opened a small box, and Noel found herself staring at the locket that had cost Cindy her life.

The last time you saw or spoke to our daughter was Friday morning when you and Cindy left for Vermont.

Jerry and Cindy, with matching Vuitton overnight bags, walking through the lobby and out the front door.

Jack put Jerry on the phone with Cindy and ordered him to tell her to talk straight.

Though separated by seven years, Cindy and he were the two youngest of the siblings.

Most had to do with their mother, Rebecca, with whom Cindy had always had a love-hate relationship.

The way he figured it, as long as Ralph was off looking in other places, Cindy would stay put-assuming this really was Cindy, and he did want to assume that.

She would have liked to hear more about Cindy, but her own best memory came right out in front of that thought.