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n. (given name female diminutive=Cynthia).


CINDI, or the Coupled Ion-Neutral Dynamics Investigation is a NASA mission of opportunity payload aboard the C/NOFS satellite. Mission of opportunity is part of the Explorer program.

Usage examples of "cindi".

The extra money allowed her to move from her family's home into a small apartment with her best girlfriend, Cindi Hernandez, who was also trying to break into show business.

Her parents were not pleased: they didn't like Cindi, they considered her a bad influence.

She'd bled for days afterwards, until Cindi forced her to see a legitimate doctor.

Cindi, now known as Cindi Heart - thanks to Lou's name-change fetish - had been sleeping with Lou for several months.

His plan was to parade Cindi and Lucia along the beach where all the photographers gathered.

Coming to Cannes with Lou and Cindi was an exciting diversion, especially as she'd never been out of America and it was an all-expenses-paid trip.

He'd found out about a photo session that was to take place on the beach for an Italian starlet, and when the girl finished and left the scene, he planned for Cindi and Lucia to sashay past the photographers wearing the very briefest of thong bikinis.

The moment the Italian starlet made her exit, Cindi and Lucia undulated into the picture.

By the time the photographers lost interest and drifted off, Cindi had posed for hundreds of photographs.

She flashed them a smile and a few poses while wondering if any of them were the same photographers who'd captured her and Cindi on their first trip to the Cannes Film Festival.

The last she'd heard, Cindi had married Lou Steiner and was dabbling in soft-core porno movies.

His last glimpse of Cindi was her struggling up from the mud, still looking in his direction, oblivious of the axemen running toward her.

Pham’s own personal experience was limited and surely untypical: poor Cindi had grabbedhim.

The driver of the grader was Harlan Moffit, and he lived in Eagle's Roost with his wife, Cindi -- with an i -- and his daughters, Luci and Nanci -each of those with an i as well-- and Cindi worked for the Livestock cooperative, whatever that was.

He supposed he wanted to be the one to lay down the fuse because of Cindi and Luci and Nanci, because of all his neighbors in Eagle's Roost too, because the sight of that thing had made him realize how much he loved them, more than he'd ever thought.