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n. (context informal English) A common abbreviation of Cincinnati in both writing and conversation.

Usage examples of "cincy".

The movie showing had been out for three weeks in Cincy, but there must not be a lot to do up here.

You could have hitched onto the first bus to Cincy and been home by sunset.

The trouble a cocky Were pack in Cincy could get into was enough to give me the shivers.

I didn’t care if we had to take it to Cincy with us, he was going to get his stuff back.

That was Cincy slang for Brimstone, K of course said to stand for Kalamack.

This is a kind of roundabout course from Evansville to Cincy, but I wanted to try around here to see if I could get any reaction to the name Lon Staffold, get a little ammunition to take to Cincy with me.

She drove through the Cincy suburbs and out into the Ohio countryside of short, fat, hills and, mixed into the patches of paler spring leaves, a profusion of short, fat cedars.

He was a Cincy hometown boy who had made good, and he returned the favor by donating the proceeds of his winter solstice concerts to the city’s charities.