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abbr. (context US military English) commander-in-chief


Činč ( Serbian Cyrillic: Чинч, ) is a Serbian band that Đorđe Ilić and Luka Stanisavljević formed in 2001. Before that, the duo performed for several years under the name Čudan Šimijev Bend. In 2003 and in 2004, respectively, Irena Vanić and Srđan Stojanović joined the band. Činč's notable features are weird lyrics, sophisticated melodies and peculiar scene acting. The band often performs at cultural centers, libraries, galleries, radio stations and Belgrade's botanical garden. Činč has collaborated with many artists, including names like Yoshio Machida, Marko Brecelj (ex- Buldožer), Saša Marković Mikrob, strip-workshop Šlic and others.

CINC (disambiguation)

CINC may refer to:

  • Centre d'instruction des nageurs de combat
  • Činč - the Serbian band
  • Commander in Chief
  • Composite Index of National Capability
  • The Commander-In-Chief - A Norwegian female guitarist.

Usage examples of "cinc".

While the JCS or OSD or CINCs may have genuine need for jointly packaged forces that are rapidly deployable irrespective of Army, Navy, Marine, or Air Force labels, the services cannot be expected to reverse the years of viewing the world through service-specific arguments and doctrine.