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init. cyclic inosine monophosphate


Creative Improvised Music Projects, usually abbreviated CIMP or C.I.M.P., is an American jazz record company and label. It is associated with Cadence Magazine and Cadence Jazz Records. The label is noted for its minimal use of electronic processing and its spare microphoning technique. Bob Rusch founded CIMP in 1995, with his son Marc Rusch as the recording engineer and his daughter Kara Rusch producing cover art.

The label recorded its first session in 1995 for an album that featured Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton, and Joe McPhee. From the beginning, the it has concentrated on avant-garde jazz. Its catalogue includes Marshall Allen, Herb Robertson, Paul Smoker, Glenn Spearman, and Steve Swell. Most of its releases are recorded in its own studio in Rossie, New York.

Eighteen compilations of music released on the label have been released, titled the Cimposium series.

Usage examples of "cimp".

In thc early evening of the second day as we set about making cimp for the night, Simon approached me while I watered tie horses.