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C.I.M.E., CIME, La Compagnie Industrielle des Moteurs a Explosion, (Industrial Combustion Engine Company), was a French manufacturer of light proprietary engines, mainly four-cylinder units. CIME also built light automobiles in 1929.

Usage examples of "cime".

The whole conundrum of how he might successfully deal with Cime was something he did not want to contemplate.

The voice he heard was the same, though, and the woman, Cime, grasped him by the swordbelt as she had done in life.

But he was so deep into unsavory pacts with agents of sorcery and magic that a mage-killer like Cime might be exactly what he needed.

Riddler, his murderous sister Cime, Bashir of Free Nisibis who brought Enlil into the war, and Grille, representative of Ranke under whose aegis even the Tysian mageguild had sent a young adept along to fight.

Then Tempus heard Critias, talking fast and low to Cime about getting her anything she needed and what it was going to mean to the endeavor if Bashir died now and his men, a superstitious lot, deserted, leaving them not much better than lost among the crags covered with snow.

From her belt Cime pulled a little dart, silvery and very thin at its tip.

Critias, Tempus, and Cime, her cheeks smeared with blood like rouge, a lock of hair hanging down before her eyes.

He merely watched the transformation under way, and then lay back flat: it was Cime, his benighted sister, who stood there laughing at him gently in her brown-black armor, and her blacker humor chilled him.

And so, with words and deeds, Cime managed one more time to bleed the joy from triumph, to belittle him even in what might have been his finest moment.