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n. A female given name.


Cilla is an English female given name, originally the diminutive form of Priscilla and less frequently Drusilla. It first appeared in the 20th century.

People named Cilla include:

  • Cilla Black (1943–2015), English singer, actress and entertainer
  • Cilla Fisher (born 1952), ex-member of the folk music group the Singing Kettle
  • Cilla McQueen (born 1949), poet
  • Cilla Snowball, British businessperson in advertising
  • Cilla Battersby-Brown, a character in the British soap opera Coronation Street

Other uses of the name:

  • Cilla (mythology), name of two Trojan women in Greek mythology
  • Cilla (miniseries), a three-part drama about Cilla Black's early life and career
  • Cilla, a city in the Troad sacred to Apollo
Cilla (mythology)

Cilla in Greek mythology is a name that may refer to:

  • One of the two female characters associated with Troy:
    • Cilla, sister of Hecuba. She was married to Thymoetes, brother of Priam. On the same day that Hecuba bore Paris to Priam, Cilla bore Munippus to Thymoetes. On hearing of the oracle that stated that he must destroy she who had given birth and her child, Priam killed Cilla and her son.
    • Cilla, daughter of Laomedon. Her mother was either Strymo, daughter of Scamander, or Placia, daughter of Otreus, or Leucippe.
  • Cilla, a city sacred to Apollo.
Cilla (moth)

'Cilla ' is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Cilla (album)

Cilla is the debut studio album by British singer Cilla Black, released on 25 January 1965 by Parlophone Records. This album was a commercial success, charting at #5 on the UK Album Chart.

Cilla (disambiguation)

Cilla is a feminine given name.

Cilla may also refer to:

  • Cilla (album), by British singer Cilla Black
  • Cilla (moth), a genus of moth
  • Tropical Cyclone Cilla, January 2003
  • 8744 Cilla, a main-belt asteroid
  • Cilla (mythology), a city mentioned in the Iliad
  • Cilla (TV series), a 2014 television drama
Cilla (miniseries)

Cilla is a British drama television miniseries about the early career of Cilla Black. It was broadcast in three parts on ITV, and began on 15 September 2014 with Sheridan Smith playing the starring role. Smith was much praised for her performance.

Following Cilla Black's death in August 2015, the series was broadcast again on ITV between 4–6 August 2015, as well as repeats on ITV Encore.

Cilla (BBC TV series)

Cilla was a BBC TV programme hosted by British singer Cilla Black. It ran for eight series from 30 January 1968 to 17 April 1976.

Usage examples of "cilla".

One contingent had an armoured, eight-wheeled cilla pulled by a team of ten drays.

There was no time to labour Gormley over the tiers to the cillas, the battle-wagons on the other side of the ridge.

I had no bulging panniers of gold, no wagons, no cillas full of treasure for the beast on Shadow Mountain, no porters and servants and horned flenx to guard it all.

Cilla held out her own hand and moved the fingers separately, crooking, then straightening them.

We hafta get the wounded back t'the cillas and get outta here before The Hook changes his mind and builds his fire up here.