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For the moth genus, see Cilix (moth).

Cilix (; ) was, according to Greek mythology, a son of Agenor and Telephassa or Argiope and brother of Cadmus, Phoenix and Europa.

When Europa was carried off by Zeus, Agenor sent his three sons out to find her, telling them not to return until they find her. The search was unsuccessful. Cilix eventually settled down in Asia Minor. The land was called Cilicia after him. Cilix had a son Thasus (who might have also been a son of Poseidon), who accompanied his uncle Cadmus in his journey. Thasus was said to become king of island Thasos. He also had a daughter Thebe, who married Corybas, son of Iasion and Cybele.

Cilix (moth)

Cilix is a genus of moths belonging to the subfamily Drepaninae.