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init. cousin-in-law n. (context computing English) Common Intermediate Language for the (pedlink: .NET Framework).


CIL may refer to:

Usage examples of "cil".

There were times when Cil stared into her as if she was examining a foreign being.

She stared at the empty chair wondering if her mother would be contemplating a punishment for Cil if she were here.

The art was well known and it was obvious that Cil had found most of it.

Sam took one more look at the sleeping figure and followed Cil out into the hallway.

The way Cil talked to her it was apparent that they knew each other quite well.

He kept himself in regular contact with Cil, checking to see if she had left.

Besides, Cil is very adamant about not disclosing too much information.

Quick pictures of postcards Mira had sent to Cil during the last 12 years shot through his mind.

She would sit him on her lap and tell him stories, play games, and watch movies with him when Cil worked overtime.

She told me Cil had been friends with her mother, but that they lost touch over the years.

She never understood why it was so vital that Cil accept what she did.

From what I could piece together, your mom and Cil knew each other for a lot longer than I was told.

Ever since Mira had told him about her talk with Cil he had spent as much time as possible with Sam.

He wanted to fit everything in, worrying that Cil would find something wrong with what he had done with Sam.

She was looking forward to seeing Cil, anxious to tell her of the life she and Alex were creating together.