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n. cigarette

Usage examples of "ciggie".

I think it was the natural perfection of the egg breaking into the really slobby man-made mess of the all the ciggies and stuff.

T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up her shoulders as if they are holding ciggie packs.

Sanchez dropped his ciggie butt on the nicely tiled floor, ground it out with his heel.

Pooley placed his perfect pint upon the bar counter, took out his packet of Dadarillos, removed from it an overlong ciggie and lit up.

You would smell English ciggies, Senior Service, in the club and you knew you might have trouble.

The eel trade, stolen cars, bootleg ciggies, building materials, anything not nailed down.

She was with two other thirteen-year-old girlfriends and one boyfriend, all puffing away on ciggies, the boy wearing baggy pants and the girls wearing clones of each other's fashions, groomed to the point ofalmost biological sameness (just as Karen and Pam and Wendy had once been).

They had fitted him out with a new radiation suit, loaded its pockets with beer and ciggies, made profuse their apologies for the little mis­understanding and finally flown him home to Odeon Towers.