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n. (plural of cigar English)

Usage examples of "cigars".

Albert, who was a great smoker, and who had considered it no small sacrifice to be deprived of the cigars of the Cafe de Paris, approached the table, and uttered a cry of joy at perceiving some veritable puros.

Seized by her old horror of breaking anything, Susan dropped the cigars and reached for the vase, catching it just as it tipped toward her.

She had saved the vase at the cost of the cigars, but the latter mattered less.

Niklaas seemed a bit absent-minded as she explained about dropping the box of cigars, and Dirk looked distinctly displeased with her intrusion.

The cigars had been sent to her father and the knowledge left her alarmed.

She told him about the cigars which had come to Protea Hill for her father, of her own carelessness in dropping the box, and of the way she had nervously picked up the broken cigar and put it into her pocket.

There had been diamonds in the cigars sent to him, but that did not necessarily make him an accessory.

Mara Bellman had handled the cigars and knew that Susan must have picked up the missing cigar with its hidden stones.

She remembered the cigars with the diamonds hidden in them-sent to Niklaas van Pelt, so that he would be incriminated if they were discovered, but intercepted by Mara, as all packages were in that house.

After you came to the study and chattered naively about dropping the box of cigars, Mara called me out of the study to let me know something was missing.

This new cargo was destined for the coast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirely of Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.

And in my past life they might find something far more grave than the selling of smuggled cigars, or barrels of brandy without a permit.

Elsewhere the count found everything he required -- smelling-bottles, cigars, knick-knacks.

I thought he was silly to pay a dollar apiece for cigars, but it was his money.

The proprietor shoved back my money and laid a couple of cigars on top of it.