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n. (plural of cigarette English)

Usage examples of "cigarettes".

The rest of Alpha Company had decided not to participate in this particular firefight and were hunched down, smoking cigarettes, eating C rations, bantering and bartering with the civilians.

The talking had stopped, and the men sat self-consciously in silence, fidgeting with cigarettes and coffee cups.

There were also grits, which the Army apparently still blithely served to soldiers, who stuck their cigarettes in them.

Kyril Montana wore a neatly pressed pink shirt, a bolo tie, beige, tapered western pants, and cowboy boots, and he carried a pack of filtertip cigarettes in his shirt pocket over the heart.

Somehow, in the midst of such confusion and noise, while fumbling to free his shriveled pecker, Amarante dislodged his Colt Peacemaker instead, which fell into the urinal with a clang, announcing the arrival of Horsethief Shorty, followed closely by Marvin LaBlue, and then Charley Bloom with his daughter, Maria, who immediately freaked at the sight of these old and middle-aged men laughing and chattering in Spanish and smoking cigarettes, completely and cacophonously cluttering up the tiny room.

Drink the coffee, take the cigarettes if you want, but then leave, please.

Then the financier gave a speech during which Richard smoked three cigarettes and stared tearfully at his empty glass.

There was a pack of cigarettes tucked into the breast pocket of his shirt.

He pulled the pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, lit one and handed it to Bader, then lit another for himself.

Some were sitting on the stools, gazing at their reflections in the mirrors, smoking cigarettes, tapping their ashes on the rims of the ashtrays on the tabletops, sipping white wine or rattling the ice cubes in their drinks.

She seemed withered, battered by decades of neglect and abuse--too many cigarettes, too many drinks, too little ambition, no direction, no meaning, no plan.

Cobham, and afterwards sat for a long time over cigarettes and coffee and matters of intimate moment which have no place here.

I got to smoking so much I used a whole half-pack of cigarettes and my tongue felt like the Russian army had walked across it with bayonets fixed.

Three cigarettes later, a tall woman in a dark hat and a light coat came out of the cottage and walked briskly to the corner and out of sight.

Two cigarettes after that, she reappeared at the corner on my side of the street, still walking briskly.