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n. (plural of cigaret English)

Usage examples of "cigarets".

They met there, smoked her cigarets, made love in a corner, occasionally became engaged.

Then one cold night while Anna sewed by the lamp inside the little house, Rudolph and Herman walked in the frozen garden, Herman with his pipe, Rudolph with the cheap cigarets he used incessantly.

She had relaxed like a kitten in her big chair, and was lighting one of the small, gilt-tipped cigarets she affected.

She liked watching the American boys swaggering along, smoking innumerable cigarets and surveying the city with interested, patronizing eyes.

But the friend had moved to California and nothing else was available -- at least not before his money ran out, and when that happened he began riding his thumb back to Minneapolis with not even a toothbrush or a pack of cigarets for luggage, and not a dime in his pocket.

The case ejects two cigarets at a time, the outer one is doped, the inner one is not, always.

The rest of the men gathered around, and they pulled it open, revealing half a dozen un-opened ration cans, three cans opened and empty, a tiny medical pack, a formless paper folder that could have been nothing but cigarets at some time in the past.

There were usually, by seven o'clock, whiskey-and-soda glasses and tea-cups on most of the furniture, and half-smoked cigarets on everything that would hold them, including the piano.

Here am I, serving Clayton's cigarets - I don't know why I pick on you, Clay.

Joey, who customarily ate his luncheon on Clayton's desk in his absence, followed by one of Clayton's cigarets, watched him across the yard, and whistled as he saw him enter Graham's small building.

Rudolph's throat, irritated by cheap cigarets, the sound of glasses on the table, once a laugh, guttural and mirthless.