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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang abbreviation of cigarette or cigar, attested from 1889. Elaborated form ciggy attested from 1962.


n. cigarette


CIG could stand for:

  • Certified Interpretive Guide, credentials in heritage interpretation issued by the National Association for Interpretation (NAI)
  • The IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, an annual conference on computational intelligence research related to game applications
  • , the stock symbol for Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais S.A.

  • A colloquial term for a cigarette
  • The Canadian Improv Games, an annual nationwide Improvisation competition for high school students in Canada
  • Confederación Intersindical Galega (Galician InterTrade Union Confederation) is a Galician Trade union with the legal status of more representative trade union in Spain
  • Columbia Insurance Group, a private US insurance company
  • Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum (Berlin, 1825–1877), the first attempt at a standard corpus of the Greek inscriptions of Antiquity.
  • Commonwealth Industrial Gases Ltd, a former industrial gas company in Australia, now BOC Australia
  • Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics, an organization that develops and maintains open-source software for computational geophysics.
  • IATA airport code for Craig-Moffat Airport
  • Cig, a village in Tăşnad Town, Satu Mare County, Romania
  • Central Intelligence Group, predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1946–1947.
  • 4-CIG, a British Rail Class 421 electric multiple unit train used on the Southern Region
  • Career Integration Grants, part of Marie Curie Actions European research grants
  • Cloud Imperium Games, PC game software developer.
  • Copper indium gallium selenide solar cells, a kind of a flexible, thin film solar cell.
  • Community Insights Group, an international consultancy specialized in social performance and corporate social responsibility.
  • Crook In (the) Guts Australian colloquialism

Usage examples of "cig".

Lizbeth, Versace all the way, wished to share her innermost feelings with Cig as they drove through the emerald rolling hills of central Virginia.

They waved merrily, and Cig waved back good-bye, a smile frozen on her face like dried glace.

Why anyone would want to name her child after a Yankee jewelry store mystified Cig, but then why anyone would keep Tiffany as a receptionist also mystified her.

As Cig dashed through the office foyer, the senior partner in Cartwell and McShane, a University of Virginia graduate in 1969 who never got over it, strode out of his office.

While Grace stacked the dishwasher, Cig built a fire in the big living room fireplace.

Grace took her stockinged feet off the coffee table and pushed Cig backward.

Grace reached up and kissed her sister then opened the mud room door and walked to her car as Cig switched on the light for her.

He was all set for serious interspecies kissing when he saw Cig pick up the telephone.

The bathroom, added to the house in the 1920s, had some insulation, which Cig and Blackie had augmented in the 1980s.

Grace and Cig, known as Beauty and Brains when they were children, both possessed cool heads.

Grace called 911, administered all the first aid revival techniques she knew, and then had the painful duty of driving out to the farm to tell Cig that she was a widow.

For whatever reason, it was easier for Hunter to communicate with Cig than it was for Laura who was always ready to come back with a full-scale defense about how she was on time, she was always prepared, she would always be on time and prepared.

As the kids loaded the horses, Cig and Grace repaired to the tackroom to throw off their duck boots and pull on their good boots.

People who had not known the sisters as girls often wondered aloud, out of hearing range, of course, how Cig Deyhle had captivated handsome John Blackwood with the adorable Grace around.

By the time she did meet Blackie, at Christmas, he was intrigued by Cig, and for whatever reason the seventeen years between them seemed a far greater gap than the fifteen years between Blackie and Cig.