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The acronym CIFA may stand for:

  • Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture
  • Cayman Islands Football Association
  • Cook Islands Football Association
  • Counterintelligence Field Activity
  • Calculatorul Institutului de Fizică Atomică (Atomic Physics Institute Computer), an early Romanian computer.
  • Christo-Islamic Freedom Association, a not-for-profit organization
CIFA (computer)

CIFA is the acronym for "Calculatorul Institutului de Fizică Atomică" .

CIFA-1, the first Romanian computer, was built in 1957 under the guidance of Victor Toma. The experimental first-generation model CIFA-1 was reproduced in small numbers both in the original variant with vacuum tubes as well as in two variants using transistors: CIFA-10X and CET 500.