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Cielo (water)
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Il Cielo (Italian) or El Cielo (Spanish "heaven" or "sky") may refer to:

Cielo (company)

Cielo is the largest distributor/manufacturer of frozen yogurt ingredients in Europe.

Cielo (album)

Cielo is a compilation album released by Benny Ibarra in 2003.

Cielo (TV channel)

Cielo (; stylised as cielo) is an Italian free-to-air television channel owned by Sky Italia aimed towards young audiences, and is available on digital terrestrial television and on Sky satellite television platform. Originally planned to be launched on 1 December 2009, it was delayed to 16 December 2009. While the concept is very similar to Sky plc's UK counterpart Pick (where it shows reruns of programs already shown on Sky's UK channels), it also simulcasts Sky TG24 for news bulletins.

Sky Italia has broadcast the coverage of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (in which Sky owned broadcasting rights for Italy) free-to-air on the channel.

Cielo (supercomputer)

Cielo is a supercomputer located at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, United States built by Cray Inc. As of 31 March 2013, with the retirement of IBM Roadrunner, it has taken over as their front line computer.

, it is ranked as number 32 on the TOP500.