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Crossword clues for cidery


a. Resembling cider. n. A brewery where cider is produced.

Usage examples of "cidery".

The stream of piss arches out, strong and cidery, and splashes onto the straw and the planking.

Mykel cradled the mug in his hands under his chin and let the warm cidery air rising from tthe mug wreath his face for a moment.

Quietly, she sat down a few feet from him, breathing deeply of the sweet, cidery scent of ripening apples.

Birds squabbled over the cidery crush milled under by the cart wheels, and winds whisked their burden of scraping, flying leaves, sharpened by frost off the peaks.

Indeed, he had noticed he had to drink less now, which was a boon, considering the quality of Lily's cidery and oddly particled sherry.