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Ciclos (Gandhi album)

Ciclos is the fourth album of the Costa Rican music group Gandhi. Some of its singles are "Señor Caballero", "Ciclos", "Una Ilusion" and "Celeste"

Ciclos (Luis Enrique album)

Ciclos is the seventeenth studio album by Nicaraguan recording artist Luis Enrique, released by Top Stop Music on May 19, 2009. The album became his first number-one set on the Billboard Tropical Albums chart since Una Historia Diferente in 1992.


Ciclos may refer to:

  • Ciclos (Luis Enrique album), 2009
  • Ciclos (Sol D'Menta album), 2006
  • Ciclos (Gandhi album) 2004
Ciclos (Sol D'Menta album)

Ciclos is the sixth album of the Puerto Rican rock band Sol D'Menta and their fourth studio album. It was released on August 29, 2006.

The album includes a cover of Bob Marley's song " Could You Be Loved".