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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cicala \Ci*ca"la\ (ch[-e]*k[aum]"l[.a]), n. [It., fr. L. cicada.] A cicada. See Cicada. ``At eve a dry cicala sung.''


n. A cicada.

  1. n. stout-bodied insect with large membranous wings; male has drum-like organs for producing a high-pitched drone [syn: cicada]

  2. [also: cicale (pl)]


Cicala is a village and comune in the province of Catanzaro, in the Calabria region of southern Italy.

Usage examples of "cicala".

It resembles the flitting of some gipsy, or rather it reminds me of an engraving in a book of fables I owned in my childhood: the whole thing is exactly like the slender wardrobe and the long guitar which the cicala who had sung all the summer, carried upon her back when she knocked at the door of her neighbor the ant.

After my first night under the stars--wondrous night of wakefulness and hopeful music, throughout which I lay entranced at the foot of a wooded hill and was never for a moment uncompanioned by nightingale, cicala and firefly--I began to suffer from footsoreness, a bodily affliction against which romance, that certain salve for the maladies of the soul, is no remedy, or very little.

 Bruno grew up in the suburb of Cicala, four or five houses clustered outside the old Nolan walls.

Cicala, from where they had come, Cicala was the one that seemed stony and deserted.

Euthanasia listened from her tower, and heard the last song of the sleepy cicala among the olive woods, and the buzz of the numerous night insects, that filled the air with their slight but continual noise.

The cocks and the cicalas make themselves heard, and now Madame Prune will begin her mystic drone.

An orchestra, discreetly subdued but innumerable, of crickets and cicalas, accompanies them in an unceasing tremolo--the immense, far-reaching tremolo, which, gentle and eternal, never ceases in Japan.

In the vast flood of midday sunshine, to the quivering noise of the cicalas, I mount to Dioudjen-dji.

I been able to give an idea of the extreme antiquity, the perfect cleanliness, nor the vibrating song of the cicalas that seems to have been stored away within it, in its parched-up fibres, during hundreds of summers.

Others sing in sharp, high voices, hopping about continually, like cicalas in delirium.

Gradually, as we advanced farther up the green channel, the perfumes became more penetrating, and the monotonous chirp of the cicalas swelled out like an orchestral crescendo.

The night is fresh, silent, exquisite, the eternal song of the cicalas fills the air.

Whole families of cicalas chirp day and night under our old resounding roof.

CHAPTER XVII THE SONG OF THE CICALA Forever, throughout everything, rises day and night from the whole country the song of the CICALAs, ceaseless, strident, and insistent.

The cicalas were chirping their loudest, the strident noise trembling feverishly in the hot air.