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Ciba or CIBA may refer to:

  • Chemical Industry Basel (CIBA), former name of a company (Ciba-Geigy) that merged with "Sandoz" to form Novartis
    • Ciba Specialty Chemicals
    • Ciba Vision
  • CIBA, acronym for the California Intercollegiate Baseball Association
  • CIBA, acronym for the Connecticut International Baccalaureate Academy
  • Ciba cake, cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste – a traditional Chinese food
  • Cíbà, Chinese name for dictionary software called PowerWord
  • Ciba, village in Crăciunești Commune, Mureş County, Romania
  • Ciba, village in Miercurea-Ciuc city, Harghita County, Romania
  • Confédération International de Billard Artistique of Artistic billiards