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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

U.S. civilian espionage agency, initialism (acronym) of Central Intelligence Agency, founded 1947 as successor to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).


alt. 1 Central Intelligence Agency 2 Cleveland Institute of Art 3 Culinary Institute of America 4 Circuit Interactive Analyzer 5 Concept Illustration and Animation init. 1 Central Intelligence Agency 2 Cleveland Institute of Art 3 Culinary Institute of America 4 Circuit Interactive Analyzer 5 Concept Illustration and Animation

CIA (disambiguation)

CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency, a civilian agency of the United States government.

CIA may also refer to:

Usage examples of "cia".

The former did its own frantic sifting--something CIA automatically does, looking for that actionable bit of gold.

There was talk in the CIA that Judge Moore would be leaving soon for a comfortable ambassadorship, perhaps to the Court of St.

Zach Weber, Asad Khalil is being escorted by Phil Hundry of the FBI, and Peter Gorman of the CIA.

The first and most obvious was the question of why Asad Khalil had turned himself in to the CIA liaison guy at the Paris Embassy.

During the 1990s, tension sometimes arose, as it did in the effort against al Qaeda, between policymakers who wanted the CIA to undertake more aggressive covert action and wary CIA leaders who counseled prudence and making sure that the legal basis and presidential authorization for their actions were undeniably clear.

In addition to the CIA, the Pentagon, and the nuclear facility, Tiglao said, Murad confessed that other targets of the airliner hijacking scheme would include the Transamerica Tower in San Francisco, the Sears Tower in Chicago, and - as Ronnie Bucca had suspected - the World Trade Center.

Opposite him was Commander Ralph Busch, the CIA representative with a short fuse, who after five years attached to the Embassy in Grosvenor Square considered himself more British than the British, and even imitated the Foreign Office style of dress to prove it.

FBI, Dale Watson, said he had many discussions about possible attacks with Cofer Black at the CIA.

CIA Director George Tenet met with his counterterrorism chief, Cofer Black, at CIA headquarters to review the latest on Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terror organization.

To get the men covertly to and from the Russian ice island, LeSchack turned to the CIA.

The Sec Def had been complaining about the poor quality of human intelligence collection at the CIA for years and as far as he was concerned, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, signed by the President on 17 December 2004, and the creation of the DNI had made things worse instead of better.

Even if we discount the unconfirmed CIA report of an attempted BW air strike, the evidence suggests that while Saddam may have been deterred at some level from using WMD tactically against coalition forces, this deterrence was actually quite conditional.

Somebody at the Security Service was eager to let CIA know what was going on with the subject about which Langley clearly had some interest, and so whatever dribs and drabs of information came in were immediately dispatched to CIA, and thence to Fort Meade, which was scanning the ether waves for any resulting interest from the terrorist community around the world.

Unfortunately, they all agreed with Vanda, so it looked like her hope of eliminating both CIA agents was dashed.

Further CIA influence on factionalist elements in the CPEU and on the Trotskyite LPR have been clearly established by the investigations into the connections of the former MEP Henri Weber.