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Chut may refer to:

  • Chuts-name applied to Jews who immigrated to London from the Netherlands during the latter part of the 19th century.
  • Chut language-spoken by Chut people in Vietnam
  • Chut-kai-pang-a style of music.
  • Chut people-Vietnamese ethnic group.
  • In Hindi and other languages of India, the word Chut is an abusive term used to refer to a vagina.

Usage examples of "chut".

But the destruction of the Gratok and the Chut was the worst of the recent disasters, and Qaolin wasn’t about to stand for going through an underling.

There were ninety-eight Klingon nationals on the Chut who died because of your incompetence!

On the contrary, the Chut was following a standard orbital path—which got it destroyed and a hundred innocents killed.

Incidents with Cardassian ships along the border had increased over the past several months—ever since the destruction of the Chut at Raknal V—and Command had sent the Pu’Bekh to make sure that all was well in this particular system.

Many of the family members of the Chut victims are seeking vengeance against random Cardassians.

You’d think that disaster with the Chut would’ve been a wake-up call, but it hasn’t improved a damn thing.

What about the hundred people on the Chut, and all the blood feuds that the Klingons started as a result of that?

Thanks to the catastrophe on the Gratok, the sabotage wound up having a somewhat different effect—to wit, preventing the Chut from hearing the panic signal—from what was intended, though the end result of killing the entire complement of the Chut was the same.

I’m sure the descendants of the Chut victims would love to know who was responsible for their deaths.

I had hoped that the deaths on the Chut or the collapse of that building would finally end this battle.