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n. (plural of chunk English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: chunk)

Usage examples of "chunks".

Maltby Sanger appeared to enjoy the sardines and pone, and he gave some to Ung, who held chunks in his paws to eat.

I stirred up the fire and put on some chunks of pine so it would burn up strong and bright.

Soldiers and natives ran to keep from being crushed by huge falling chunks of the battlement, and most of the soldiers just kept running.

Poles and chunks were still dropping from above and splashing into the river, and through the roar of the wind came the wailing of many voices.

That night he accepted a bowl of stew made from chunks of boar meat with a variety of nuts and grains.

The internal screen was somewhat stronger than the outer but it was struck not only by the inert tubes but by intense jets of plasma generated by the tubes scraping the edge of the hole into the vault chamber and large chunks of the outer vault wall riven out by the impacts.

A small cloud of dust hung over the spot where the spaceships were buried for almost a minute as the pieces of rock settled into new positions on top of what were now inert chunks of metal.

A small table took form in front of the Malazan, heaped with steaming chunks of boiled meat.

Her back and shoulders ached from throwing chunks of masonry since dawn.

No one yet knows how many hundreds of thousands of chunks of rock and metal are floating out there in the belt, but many of them are literally small mountains of pure nickel-iron orbiting around the Sun.

Sometimes, then, we try to run several chunks, each of which stands by itself, or almost does.