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Chun may refer to:

Usage examples of "chun".

Hundreds of prayer papers had been burned, with the wish that Chun Laro would leave Frisco.

Some purpose requiring ugly services had brought Chun Laro to New York.

Two nights ago, the same pagoda - or its exact duplicate - had been in the window of the restaurant where Harry had observed Chun Laro!

There was no sign of Chun Laro, nor was the Golden Pagoda in the window.

It was fitted with a revolving panel, like the one from which Chun Laro had appeared.

Watching the tea dealer closely, The Shadow inquired if he had ever heard of Chun Laro.

Such rogues as Chun Laro were the very sort that Li Hoang would require as lieutenants.

At the bottom, the guards gripped their captive, while Chun Laro stooped to raise a round slab of metal that looked like the cover of a manhole.

Sprawled upon slimy stone, Harry managed to come to hands and knees, thankful, at least, that his fingers had escaped the punishment that Chun Laro wanted to give them.

Her features took on a cruel malice that matched the snakiness of Chun Laro, the cold, merciless glare of Li Hoang.

The beadiness of her eyes was the sort that Chun Laro admired greatly.

It chanced that Chun Laro was mentioning certain facts that The Shadow wanted to know.

The arrival was the Mongol who had met Chun Laro in the passage near the steps.

Then, just as Chun Laro heaved in sight, The Shadow gripped Myra and flung her across the corridor!

With a wave, Li Hoang dismissed his servitors, Chun Laro and Ming Dwan among them.