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Cheoeumcheoreom , also known as Chumchurum is a Korean word that comes from Cheoum (; literally the first) and Cheoreom (; literally like), and means like the first time. It may also refer to:

  • Cheoeumcheoreom, a collection of essay by Shin Young-bok
  • Chum-Churum, soju in South Korea, stem from aforesaid collection of essay Cheoeumcheoreom
  • Cheoeumcheoreom, a song of debut studio album by T-ara
  • Cheoeumcheoreom, a song of debut album of the same name by Sung Si-kyung
  • Cheoeumcheoreom, a soundtrack of Romance Zero by Lee Tae-sung
  • Cheoeumcheoreom, a soundtrack of I Do, I Do by Kim Tae-hyung