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Chumba is a traditional form of music and dance performed by the Garifuna people in several Central American countries. Like punta (another type of Garifuna music), chumba songs are highly polyrhythmic, but have a slower tempo. The chumba dance is a solo dance performed by a woman, often exhibiting a large degree of individual style.

Chumba (disambiguation)

Chumba is a type of Garifuna music.

Chumba may also refer to:

  • Chumba, Tibet, a village
  • CHUMBA Racing, a cycling company
  • Chumbawamba, a British band
  • Dickson Chumba (born 1986), Kenyan marathon runner
  • Sammy Chumba (born 1978), two-time winner of the 20 Kilomètres de Paris