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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Stocks chugged along most of the day Monday with no great gains or losses.
▪ Teddy sat back in his chair, chugging mineral water.
▪ But it seems to have chugged into Los Angeles half-empty.
▪ Only some sailors in blue jerseys who appeared as the Shirley chugged alongside the boarding pontoon.
▪ Quickly, I chugged my beer.
▪ Some things must be done before others, and this limits how much faster a multiprocessor computer can chug along.
▪ The car was chugging along the Promenade des Anglais, a boulevard lined with splendid palm-trees.
▪ Up from the river chugs a little blue train.
▪ We were soon chugging happily along.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1866, echoic of a working steam engine. As a verb, from 1884. Related: Chugged; chugging. Drinking sense attested by 1940s (chug-a-lug), probably imitative of the sound of swallowing.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A dull, fairly quick explosive or percussive sound, as if made by a labouring engine. 2 A large gulp of drink. 3 A homemade Cuban boat, built to carry emigrants to the USA, and often abandoned upon arrival. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To make dull explosive sounds. 2 (context intransitive English) To move or travel whilst making such sounds. 3 (context transitive slang English) to drink a large amount (especially of beer) in a single action; to chugalug. Etymology 2

n. A dog; a cross between a pug and a chihuahu

  1. Etymology 3


  2. (context transitive UK slang derogatory English) To solicit charitable donations on the street, particularly in a persistent manner. Etymology 4

    n. (context pejorative racial slur English) A person of Native American descent.

  1. n. the dull explosive noise made by an engine

  2. v. make a dull, explosive sound; "the engine chugged down the street"

  3. [also: chugging, chugged]


CHUG is a community radio station that operates at 740 AM in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Owned by Troubador Radio Society Inc. the station was licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in 1990.


Chug may refer to:

  • A crossbreed between a Chihuahua (dog) and a Pug
  • A language of India - see Lish language
  • CHUG (AM), a community radio station in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Usage examples of "chug".

The Welcome was chugging forward, when Harry shoved Bradden to the deck and made the fellow take the helm.

All this great ever-increasing flood of bronze, brass, chrome, Fiberglas, lapstreak, teak, auto pilots, burgees, Power Squadron hats, nylon line, all this chugging winking blundering glitter of props, bilge pumps and self-importance needs dockside space.

Irish Point, the train chugging down the center of the flyway that gleamed like an oil slick in the headlights and the silver glare of the rising moon.

Much more of it was taken up by looming berths for the tugs and tankers which placidly chugged from icy pole to equator across the watery expanses of Habara, taking or delivering the supplies which the settlements deemed necessary for civilised life, or collecting the returning fallen bulk cargoes.

Much more of it was taken up by looming berths for the tugs and tankers that placidly chugged from icy pole to equator across the watery expanses of Habara, taking or delivering the supplies that the settlements deemed necessary for civilized life, or collecting the returning fallen bulk cargoes.

Ming Ho seemed to be chugging right along, bless her little jujube heart.

As they chugged steadily upstream, the signs of the city gradually faded from view and pilar saw levee banks and the cotton, cane, and rice fields beyond.

But she was looking away across the water, at the Circle Line ferry beyond the cordon of Harbor Police boats that surrounded the Rox, chugging toward the foreskin tip of Manhattan.

Howie Surd the drunken yeoman lay on his stomach under mount 52, head propped on arms, staring at a British landing craft that chugged its way through the rainy Harbour.

In a new dress of black tussore, her somewhat ravaged but carefully repaired face partially concealed by a flattering veil, she chugged away from Europe on a steamer bound for the Caribbean like a respectable widow and she was not yet fifty, after all.

Soon Conor and Colleen came chugging down the hall, thumbs in mouths, blankies trailing behind them.

Not long after Pleasants bought his ticket, a southbound train chugged into the station.

The indicator on the speedometer started to drop steadily as the engine continued to chug.

Myriad boats swarmed the Seine, chugging and sputtering toward unknown docks, the waves aflicker with their lamps.

Shortly thereafter, the heavy engines began to turn the paddles and the Bristan trader chugged northeast across an almost glassy sea.