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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chuffy \Chuff"y\, a.

  1. Fat or puffed out in the cheeks.

  2. Rough; clownish; surly.


a. 1 Fat or puffed out in the cheeks. 2 Rough; clownish; surly.

Usage examples of "chuffy".

Scunthorpe, and, with the praiseworthy notion of introducing Bertram into better company, made him known to one of the most disinterested of her admirers, young Lord Wivenhoe, heir to an affluent Earldom, and known to the greater part of London as Chuffy Wivenhoe, an affectionate sobriquet earned for him by his round, good-humoured countenance.

She introduced Bertram to him with the best of intentions, but had she known that the engaging Chuffy had been reared by a misguided parent according to the principles laid down by the late Mr.

After some very interesting exchanges of reminiscences about incurable millers, roarers, lungers, half-bred blood-cattle, gingers, and slugs, which led inevitably to still more interesting stories of the chase, during the course of which both gentlemen found themselves perfectly in accord in their contempt of such ignoble persons as roadsters and skirters, and their conviction that the soundest of all maxims was, Get over the ground if it breaks your neck, formality was at an end between them, and his lordship was not only begging Bertram to call him Chuffy, as everyone else did, but promising to show him some of the rarer sights in town.

It was all so pleasant, and every day was so full of excitement, that it went to his head, and if he was sometimes seized by panic, and felt himself to be careering along at a pace he could no longer control, such frightening moments could not endure when Chuffy was summoning him to come and try the paces of a capital goer, or Jack Carnaby carrying him off to the theatre, or the Five-courts, or the Daffy Club.

He remembered that Chuffy had named twenty pounds as the minimum stake permitted to punters at the Nonesuch.

She was small and vivacious, and Chuffy liked ladies to be small and vivacious.

I put in an occasional week-end with her and Chuffy, and when she comes to London on a shopping binge or whatever it may be, I see to it that she gets her calories.

If Chuffy had peed on the kitchen floor, say, might that not explain her reaction?

Anyway, when Dinstable and young Charity applied for the license, Chuffy smelled a rat.