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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chud \Chud\, v. t. [Cf. Chew, Cud.] To champ; to bite. [Obs.]
--A. Stafford.


vb. (context obsolete English) To champ; to bite.


Chud (literally in Slavic "strange", "wondrous" people) is a Russian and Ukrainian word for ancient Estonians, Vepsians, Votes, Izhorians, and Baltic Finns.

CHUD or Chud may also refer to:

  •, or Cinematic Happenings Under Development, an American film review website
  • Chud Lake, on the border of Estonia and Russia
    • Battle of Chud Lake, 1242
  • CHUD Tools, a set of software tools to measure software performance on Mac OS X

Usage examples of "chud".

The falukah was tossed this way and that, as if caught in a simoon, and he was rolled hither and yon in the company of Chud, Abdullah, and the headless mullet.

Some delayed band of the Chud came racing from among the ruins--fifty or a hundred.

Only the badly wounded of the Chud were dispatched, and these swiftly.

The Chud did this as other nomads followed their flocks across the scant grasslands of desert and mountain.

And with it a whisper of air movement touching the right side of my throat, and immediately thereafter the workmanlike chud of lead into a palm trunk a hundred yards behind me.

There he had met and defeated the Chud and allied himself with the Agharti--two of the great Subterranean Peoples, as they were called.