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abbr. 1 cylinder-head-sector 2 Simplified Chinese


CHS may refer to:

  • Canadian Hemophilia Society
  • Canadian Hydrographic Service
  • Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
  • Center for Healthy Sex, community therapy center in Los Angeles, US
  • Center for Hellenic Studies, affiliated with Harvard University
  • Chalcone synthase, plant enzyme
  • Charleston International Airport, South Carolina, US, IATA airport code
  • CHS Inc., US, in agriculture, food, etc.
  • Colegio Hebreo Sefarad√≠
  • College Historical Society, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Colorado Historical Society
  • Community Health Systems, Inc., US hospital company
  • Contact Handling System, software used by the Metropolitan Police, London, UK
  • Connecticut Historical Society
  • Cylinder-head-sector, a method for addressing data on magnetic disks
  • Circular hollow section, metal profile