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Choy may refer to:

  • Choy, Cantonese Chinese or version of Cai (surname)
  • Choysky District, Altai Republic of Russia
  • Chōyō, Kumamoto, village in Aso District, Kumamoto of Japan
  • CHOY-FM, a radio station in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
  • CHOY-TV, a defunct TV station in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada
  • CHOY-VAPE, AKA Choy Wong Fat, a legendary wrestling icon, entertainer and entrepreneur, Choy Michaels, Sweet Choy Music, Big Choy, Choyk Slam, Triple Choy, Choydigree, Choyna, Choys n' Roses, Sweet Choy of mine, Backstreet Choys, Beastie Choys, Choys II Men, Choys 'R' Us, Choy Kingdom, Bon Choy, Choylibee, Chicken Choy, Taste n' Choy, Choydilocks, Choyna Bank and many more...

Usage examples of "choy".

Old Choy always grinned at Warden, because since Young Choy, his eldest son, had taken over the business from him the ancient one was not allowed to go out front where the customers were and where Young Choy was now in the shouting Payday hubbub, and the old man, who sat in the kitchen all day every day in his black silk skull cap and long embroidered robe that Young Choy who had given up ancestor worship for American business ethics called bad for blisness, worshipped Warden because Warden liked to come sit in the kitchen and drink beer and kid the old man, whenever he had the blues.

Her heart raced in a thready beat but she kept silent as Zeke Choy studied the pattern of letters on his computer screen.

Zeke Choy on the edge of a preternaturally silent crowd that packed a narrow alley deep in the Spill.

She and Choy were both far taller than most of the people jammed into the alley, so she could see easily over their heads.

Even now her tiny servants were at work on his atrium, changing it to more closely resemble the atrium Zeke Choy had kept.

Zeke Choy was a great man, but there really were things he didn't understand!

CHAPTER 14 Kirstin's ghost stood with Zeke Choy on the edge of a preternaturally silent crowd that packed a narrow alley deep in the Spill.

To answer that question, Kirstin had detained Zeke Choy once again, questioning him extensively on the subject of Phousita's personality.

During the past two years, Saint had managed to buy four young Chinese girls from Ah Choy before they'd been debauched.

Now that Paul Choy was already in the shipping and air freighting department of Second Big Company and two grandsons of Yuen, also American trained, in their customs broking operation-and another four English university-trained relations of White Powder Lee placed within Noble House's Kai Tak go-down operations and All Asia Air's loading and unloading division, imports and exports would be ever safer, easier and ever more profitable.

But ther as ye han profred me this day To chese me a wyf, I yow relesse That choys, and prey yow of that profre cesse.

Paul Choy and Venus Poon were crammed in a new group who were straggling up.

All of them were tossed together in a flurry of bok choy and bamboo shoots, one smothered in a sauce that looked like Orange Crush thickened with cornstarch.

During the afternoon, he was down in town collecting more kit and an inoculation when the Fat Choy alert sounded.

Beside himself with fear and loathing, Paul Choy tried to pull the body back aboard but the wind squalled and heeled the junk and the last of the Werewolves toppled into the sea and sank without a trace.