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Chouette is a French word meaning " owl" which has other uses.

Species of owl
  • Chouette D'Ussher, the Rufous fishing owl (Scotopelia ussheri)
Uses relating to owls
  • La chouette, a character portraying an owl in the opera L'enfant et les sortilèges by French composer Maurice Ravel
  • "La chouette", a song by French composer Jeanne Herscher-Clément
  • La chouette, a series of short CGI-animated episodes for children's television; see The Owl (TV series)
  • La chouette aveugle, the original French name of The Blind Owl (film) of 1987
  • La chouette d'or, a French treasure hunt created by Régis Hauser in 1993; see the Golden Owl quest
  • "La chouette hulotte" (the tawny owl), a piece for solo piano in Catalogue d'oiseaux (195658) by French composer Olivier Messiaen
  • Le cri de la chouette, an autobiographical novel of 1972 by Hervé Bazin
  • Girouette la chouette, a children's book of 2007 by Nicole Tourneur
  • Quand la chouette s'envole, a 1979 publication of Alexandre Astruc
Other uses
  • Backgammon chouette, a variant of the game of backgammon for three or more players
  • Chouette Records, a US recording company
  • Chouettes Coquettes, a bilingual Montreal social group for lesbian and bisexual women in their 20s and 30s
  • Éditions Chouette / Chouette Publishing, based in Montreal, Canada, known for children's books featuring Caillou