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n. (context geology English) A dry salt lake, in the Saharan area of Africa, that stays dry in the summer but receives some water in the winter.


In geology, a chott (pronounced // and sometimes spelled shott; from the Arabicšaṭṭ شط "bank, coast", from the root šṭṭ "exceed, deviate") is a dry ( salt) lake in the Saharan area of Africa (mainly in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco) that stays dry in the summer, but receives some water in the winter. These lakes have changing shores and are dry for much of the year. They are formed by the waters of the spring thaw from the peaks of the Atlas mountain range, with occasional rainwater or groundwater discharge from sources in the Sahara, such as from the Bas Saharan Basin.

Usage examples of "chott".

The storm had closed in again, and two meters beyond the viewport the only thing visible was a yellow sand cloud roaring across the flat-as-a-table Great Chott salt flat.

They had come to Anchorhead because Jula Darklighter assured Leia that the Sidi Driss Inn would be as safe as anyplace on the Great Chott for Han to recover-and certainly the most comfortable.