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Brief flash of assertiveness exhausted, Chorl relapsed into drooping passivity.

And all the cherished magical power of Chorl Valeur might not have sufficed to save his son's neck, had Whiss not wisely chosen that moment to depart Neuss.

At last, mere days before the event, he had posted an urgent summons to his father-his first contact with Chorl Valeur since the night he had departed Neuss.

And Chorl, perennial prey to conscience in the matter of his unlovable and endlessly unfulfilled son, had answered the call, travelling all the way from Vaurve Province to reach the Eighth District of Sherreen a mere two days prior to Neighbour J's address.

It was Whiss's intention that Chorl should use his quasi-Exalted magical powers to cast a glamour, altering the perceptions of the spectators.

And now, to add insult to injury, at this last moment Chorl was unexpectedly recalcitrant.

Chorl Valeur, who owed his deprived son every possible reparation, just as surely as Crown and Exalted owed reparation to the deprived commons Chorl now demurred and hesitated, reluctant to lend his magical aid, stingy as he had always been.

He had offered the old man a face-saving means of acquiescence, and Chorl seized upon it at once.

The fear seemed all at once to have drained from Chorl into Whiss, who now stood white, tense and crazily resolved.

Smiling, Whiss surveyed the great room, atmosphere still fogged with crimson, lingering remnant of the crowd's fury, visible to himself and Chorl alone.

I have never before actually encountered such machines," Chorl offered at last, and seeing his son's brow darken, added hastily, 'but I have seen their like in books, and I will tell you what I remember.

Somehow he could not help but visualise those same hands holding a very sharp, thin knife Chorl shuddered, and his eyes flew without volition to his nephew.

Whiss's voice carried certain sleek velvety overtones that Chorl Valeur found disquieting.

Now, decades later, the look was unchanged, and Chorl was ill-equipped now as then to deal with its author.

Noting the ominous brown-and-scarlet presence, Chorl fluttered internally.