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vb. (context archaic English) (en-past of: chop)


Chopt Creative Salad Company is a chain of fast casual restaurants with locations in New York City, Washington, DC, and the Charlotte, NC area. The company was founded in 2001 and focuses on serving salads, although wraps are also available.

Usage examples of "chopt".

With that so furiously at him he flew,As if he would haue ouerrun him streight,And with his huge great yron axe gan hewSo hideously vppon his armour bright,As he to peeces would haue chopt it quight:That the bold Prince was forced foote to giueTo his first rage, and yeeld to his despight.

On Old Mill, right off Three Chopt, not too far from the University of Richmond.

Then I drove to where Grove ends at Three Chopt and took a left, him still behind me.

He had learned to drive in New York City and swung into several alleyways, gunned through a side street, then another, and roared across a median and threaded his car precariously through others until he ended up on Three Chopt Road in the parking lot of what looked like a huge mansion with tennis courts.

Within minutes, he was turning off Three Chopt Road into a long driveway that led to the stately country club with its elegant clubhouse, tennis and paddleball courts, and sprawling golf course.

Wiznae in the mood fur eny nonsense, so I took a swipe at it with ma sord and chopt one of its wings aff.

I drive Anna's silver Lincoln Navigator toward Three Chopt Road while news on the radio endlessly goes on about Jean-Baptiste Chandonne's transport out of the city.