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vb. (context Singapore English) to reserve a place, such as a seat in a fast food restaurant, sometimes by placing a packet of tissue paper on it.


Chope is a real time restaurant-reservation booking platform which connects diners with its partner restaurants. The name “Chope” was inspired by the term chope spoken colloquially in Singapore. The means to online reservation include the company’s website, mobile applications, and plug-ins for restaurant websites and Facebook pages. Chope charges restaurants fixed and per-diner fees for the use of its table booking system; diners are not charged booking or cancellation fees for reservations made through Chope’s system. In July of 2012, Chope announced its application has been used by 1,000,000 diners.

On June 30, 2015 the company announced it had secured an investment of US $8M in a series C round co-led by F&H Fund Management, a fund chaired by pioneering Alibaba CTO John Wu, and NSI Ventures.

In April 2016, the company announced its acquisition of - Indonesia's top restaurant reservations platform co-founded by Kunal Narang and Hiro Mohinani in its foray into the country of 250 million people.

Usage examples of "chope".

La Bonne Chope, had been found on Boulevard du Temple, and a waiter remembered him.

Mister Hirveys and we wirked a long time making ice creem by turning the handles of the buckets and choping up the ice.

Gimmy Watson, Beanys brother said if Beanys head hadent been jest like the choping block it wood have killed him.