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n. 1 (context Australia New Zealand slang English) A hen; a cooked chicken; a chicken dressed for cooking. 2 (context Australia dated English) A fool.

Usage examples of "chook".

I have seen Chook under other circumstances do the social-eating routine.

I sat up there, bare feet braced on the wheel spokes, and wondered why Chook should bring out the martyr in me.

With Chook and Arthur helping, we put out all four anchors, the two bow ones well up on the beach, wedged into the skeletal whiteness of mangrove killed by the sand which had built up, probably after Hurricane Donna had widened the pass.

Loafers identified us instantly by type as we tied up and clambered out of the dinghy, and from then on their total bemused attention was on the fruitful flexible weight encased in the white stretch denim, with Chook quite comfortably aware of admiration and speculation.

And, like Chook, she had that hawk-look of strong features, prominent nose, heavy brows.

In a few minutes Chook came aft, into the lounge, black hair a-tangle, pulling and settling a flowered shift down on her hearty hips, squinting through the light at me.

A crowd of two, and I had left Chook to brief Arthur when he got out of the shower.

The evening was laundered bright, the air fresh, and Chook declined a chance for a dinner ashore, saying she had a serious attack of the domestics, a rabid urge to cook.

But any kind of future for Chook and Arthur would depend on my making a pretty solid recovery for him.

I went hunting and found them in a Food Fair two blocks away, Arthur trundling the basket, Chook mousing along, picking out things, wearing that glazed look of supermarket auto hypnosis.

Eleven minutes after I located them, I had a protesting Arthur locked aboard with instructions to stay put and out of sight, and I was backing out of the parking space with Chook beside me, hitching at her skirt and buttoning the top buttons of her blouse.

Debra said, and Chook did not take her eyes off the willowy grace of Debra until a door swung shut behind her.

They came walking slowly back into the big room, and I saw Chook wearing an odd expression, Debra looking secretively amused.

And soon we were all roaring and howling, with, for Chook and Arthur, a potential edge of hysteria in it.

Down on the bow deck, Chook sat on the hatch wearing little red shorts and a sleeveless knit candy-stripe top.