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n. (context onomatopoeia English) The sound of a locomotive whistle


Choo may refer to:

Usage examples of "choo".

She told him about how abstract symbols became attached to concretes at the interface between the mental machinery of choo and choi.

Caravanersii packed balconies and ledges to watch, and the Afine choo population came out of the woods to greet them.

This him was forced to make do with fuzzy, distant contact with a choo mind, forced to burble like a child through clumsy, incoherent communicative acts, denied the flowing, liquid beauty of Shell linguaception.

The concourse was part of the migration route for the giant, motile machines, blatantly artificial, choo maintained, the bounding wall of forest to Port pocked every 500 metres or so with high, vulval openings, where woven Tree root paths dove into the thick vegetation.

Only then did she point out that, by symbolising, he was beginning to re-integrate his own choo and choi, enabling these two parts of himself to communicate better since the traumatic separation from the choo Shell.

She was surrounded by a circle of bulbous Trees, distinctively cream and shot through with reds and golds and browns, sprouting up from the spongy main body of the choo machine living below.

If Tennys didn’t get to Sonepur on the Antispinward shore of Ushogbo before Manchester and the others, he would have to learn to overcome his reluctance at using the nchoo infection pockets, and enter the shared computational space where his choo met machine choo in the consensorias.