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Chong may refer to:

  • Chong (surname), the romanization of several Chinese and Korean surnames
  • the Chong or Pear people of Thailand and Cambodia
    • the Chong language
  • the Chong or Limbu people of eastern Nepal, Bhutan, and northeastern India
  • ancient Chinese state 崇, allegedly attacked by King Wen of Zhou.
Chong (surname)

As a surname, Chong may refer to:

  • Hakka romanizations of the Chinese surnames Zhang ( trad. , simp. ), Zhang and Zhuang ( t , s )
  • Cantonese and Gan romanizations of the Chinese surnames Zhang ( trad. , simp. ) and Zhang
  • a variant Minnan romanization of the Chinese surname Zheng ( t , s )
  • a Cantonese romanization of the Chinese surnames Zhong ( t , s ) and Zhong
  • Cantonese and Gan romanizations of the Chinese surname Zhuang ( t , s )
  • the McCune romanization of the Korean surname Chung

Chong is the 19th-most-common surname among Chinese Singaporeans, with 23,100 bearers in the year 2000. There were 10,740 Chongs found by the year 2000 US Census, ranking Chong 2,561st most common overall and 96th most common among Asians and Pacific Islanders. Chong was also listed among the 200-most-common peculiarly Chinese surnames in a 2010 survey of the Registered Persons Database of Canadian health card recipients in the province of Ontario.

Usage examples of "chong".

Using their best Cheech and Chong voices, my classmates repeated a string of bad pothead jokes.

When we got there the Chinese geologist, Li Chong, leaped from the rover like an excited puppy and started banging on rocks with a hammer.

Princess Chang, the Princess Royal, daughter of last Ming Emperor Chong Zhen.

When the Emperor Chong Zhen had to leave the Palace, he cut off the Princess's arm with his sword.

Kung Chong was an old hand at conducting raids on houses of dissidents when he was an agent with the People's Republic intelligence service.

He and the cunies were rounded in by Yi Sunsin, the local magistrate, one of Chong Mong-ju's adherents.

Now crop circles, said Paul the medical student, toking on a joint of Cheech and Chong proportions.

The dirt track was coming to an end and I turned the lights on and kicked the dip switch and took the road to the right, away from the blazing temple, throttling up and shifting into top, the main town to the left, to the north, the river on the other side, Gonggar behind us in the west but forget Gonggar, find shelter, it was all we could do now, I'd been with Chong when he'd drawn the map, sitting in the truck while I was watching for Su-May.