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n. (context prison slang English) child molester


Chomo may refer to:

  • The name of several mountains including Chomo Lhari and Chomo Lonzo
  • Nicole Chomo, a French actress
  • Roger Chomeaux (January 28, 1907 – June 19, 1999), known as Chomo, a French surrealist 'outsider artist'
  • Prison slang for 'child molester'
  • Colloquialism for 'chocolate milk'
  • Racial slur for 'Chinese homosexual'

Usage examples of "chomo".

The nearest cable terminus is more than a kilometer and a half to the north -- on a little rock fang that stands out against the white glory of Chomo Lori, "Queen of Snow" -- but we are going east across the great gap between the ridges, our terminal point is more than twenty kilometers away, and the cable dropping away in that direction appears to end in midair as it blends into the evening glow of the distant rock wall.

As I turn and look due north, I can see the greatest mountain in our hemisphere and the northern boundary of our world since the ridge disappears beneath phosgene clouds a few klicks north of there -- Chomo Lori, "Queen of Snow.

From Chomo Lori, the K'un Lun and Phari ridges both run south, the gap between them widening to unbridgeable distances south of the cableway we have just crossed.

Only the highest peaks and ridgelines were visible above the ocean of clouds: T'ai Shan gleaming cold and icy white so far to our east, Heng Shan about equidistant to the north, our ridgeline from Jo-kung rising like a razor's edge just above the tides of cloud running back to the west, K'un Lun Ridge a distant wall running northwest to southeast, and far, far away near the edge of the world, the brilliant summits of Chomo Lori, Mt.