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Chol (Choll) is a village at the northern end of Ngaraard State in the Republic of Palau. This village consists of a large, long beach that runs along its entire east coast. The village has a series of ancient paths and platforms, as the rest of the villages in Ngaraard. There is also a large man-made channel that connects the village to the sea on the western coast. At the center of village, along the compact road, there is a small marketplace with benches where you could purchase some village refreshments.

Usage examples of "choll".

The woman that slew the Maiden having lost the name of wife together with her faith, went to a traiterous Physician, who had killed a great many persons in his dayes and promised him fifty peeces of Gold, if he would give her a present poyson to kill her husband out of hand, but in presence of her Husband, she feined that it was necessary for him to receive a certaine kind of drink, which the Maisters and Doctours of Physicke doe call a sacred Potion, to the intent he might purge Choller and scoure the interiour parts of his body.

In the meane season, I counsailed his wife to absent her selfe at some of her Neighbours houses, till the choller of her husband was pacified, lest he should be moved against her, as he was against the young man.