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n. (context India English) a short-sleeved blouse worn under a sari


A choli ( Hindi Nepali: चोली, , , ravike Tamil: ரவிக்கை, Telugu: రవికె(ravike), although choli is the preferred word Telugu Kannada: ರವಿಕೆ) is a midriff-baring blouse or upper garment in the Indian sari costume worn in India, southern Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other countries where the sari is worn. It is also part of the ghagra choli costume of India. The choli is cut to fit tightly to the body and has short sleeves and a low neck. The choli is usually cropped, allowing exposure of the midriff and the navel.

Usage examples of "choli".

Well then,” Batra said, folding her arms over an emerald-green, short-sleeved choli that showed off her trim waist and a sparkling garnet tucked in her navel, “maybe you’ll just explain it to me.

As she sagged into a pool of filth, she was aware of hands on her, grappling with her choli, at her waist, running up and down her body.

A cheerful maid brought in an armful of clothes and the women tossed cholis at her.

The choli was a brief blouse that covered Mary's breasts, shoulders and upper arms, but left most of her back naked and Mary instinctively selected the most modest, but Lakshmi would have none of it.

She wore tight-fitting silk trousers of brilliant yellow and a bodice or choli of the same shade and material.