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Chol may refer to:

  • Chol (bible), a Hebrew term for a bird from the book of Job (also: avarshina); in modern Hebrew called Off Ha'chol ('the chol bird', "phoenix")
  • Chol, Iran
Chol (bible)

Chol ( Hebrew: ) in the Hebrew Bible is translated in different ways: as 'palm tree' , occasionally as ' phoenix', and usually as 'sand' . The Westminster Leningrad Codex reads:

In Jewish folklore, chol refers to a supernatural bird, often glossed as, or identified with, the Greek 'phoenix'.

Alternately, chol may have simply been a noun meaning 'sand', which condensates idiomatic expressions like ″so many as the stars of the sky in multitude, and as the [very, very many grains of] sand which is by the sea shore innumerable″. Subsequently, due to the context of its employment, the word 'sand' was displaced by the long-lived 'palm tree' and the very, very long-lived regenerative bird.

The understanding of chol as a phoenix-like bird has resulted in an amount of discourse on the topic.

Usage examples of "chol".

She shook her head, trying to clear out some of the fatigue-trash clogging it, lifted it and saw the crumpled horn of Chol Dachay.

He had a faintly worried expression, as though he were trying to remember some name which began with Chol but which was pronounced in quite a different way, possibly Menzies or was it Dalziel?